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The Euclidean geometry, the research into geometry based on suppositions associated with the Greek mathematician, Euclid (300 BC) as well as being the study of level room or space. These geometrical thoughts are as highlighted beneath:

  • The sum of aspects of the triangle results in two best perspectives (180 qualifications).
  • A upright lines are the least amount of mileage approximately two elements.
  • The perpendicular sections slashes an authentic set by 90 qualifications as shown below (Roberts, 1996).

(Root: Roberts, 1996)

The geometry thoughts have made gradually with a popularly known as No-Euclidean geometry nowadays. This geometry apps are typically in areas of country research, complexes type and predicting the positioning of transferring things.

The solutions Euclidean geometries are Riemannian geometry and Lobachevskian geometry.

Riemannian geometry


Riemannian geometry is study regarding curved areas. This geometry was labeled after the German mathematician, Bernhard Riemann. It is additionally called as elliptic geometry or spherical geometry.

The key facts of Riemannian geometry are:

  • The very little geodesic is shortest curve approximately any matters and its not one of a kind.
  • In curved space or room, the perpendicular line is as illustrated less than.

o (Cause: Roberts, 1996)

  • There no outlines to the sphere. The arc from the outstanding group of friends may possibly be the shortest mileage. The best group arc in similar to a model in any aircraft.
  • When several arcs of your awesome group of friends intersect pairwise around the vertices a spherical triangular number versions. The sum of sides within a triangle is usually more than two right perspectives (180 degrees) which is not set (Roberts, 1996). A quadrant triangle really is a shaped when any team associated with a triangular is exactly 90 diplomas.

Riemannian geometry software come in spaces navigation by aviators and ships to obtain the shortest route to the spot (Castellanos, 1994). This is found in map having and projecting routes of weather condition.

Lobachevskian geometry

Lobachevskian geometry is regarded as a understand of saddle-shaped spot. This geometry was given the name once European mathematician, Nicholas Lobachevsky. It could be described as hyperbolic geometry or seat geometry.

The key facts of Lobachevskian geometry are:

  • Triangles with similar perspectives have similar things.
  • The viewpoint in triangular put in up is only two best suited aspects (180 levels).
  • There are no much the same triangles.
  • The principle of perpendicular queues is often as highlighted just below.

(Origin: Roberts, 1996)

  • The wrinkles taken in your saddle-fashioned room or space are parallel and do not intersect (Roberts, 1996).

Hyperbolic geometry uses have been in aspects of topology, room holiday and astronomy. It is also put on in Einstein’s concept of relativity. The thought reports that gravitational forces is the consequence of the curvature of space or room and time in its place being a compel (Stephanie Erickson, 2010).

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